Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mind the Gap

It's officially done. I've got a nice, big hole in the middle of my lower jaw to prove it. The tooth removal was a success yesterday.

According to my dentist (while I was getting the procedure done, mind you), my tooth didn't come out without a fight. In fact, in Dr. Mason's words, "It really doesn't want to come out, does it?"

Yeeeeah...not something you want to hear while having your tooth pulled. It took everything I had to stay calm, keep my eyes closed and just let her finish.

Afterwards, Chris picked me up and took me home. He had to go back to work, so he made sure to pick up something soft for me to eat (mashed potatoes from KFC) and put it in the fridge so I could warm it up when I was ready. Chris really was great about the whole thing; he helped with my PJs, let Shamrock out and made sure he had everything he needed (so he didn't bother me too much) and tucked me in for a nap.

After he left, I put on the Olympics and dozed off within minutes. I woke up around 4:30 PM and attempted to eat some of the mashed potatoes, but that didn't go over so well. Not to gross anyone out, but I began bleeding soon after I took my first bite so I promptly lost my appetite. After that, I just relaxed, fell in and out of sleep and waited for Chris to come home.

It was a rough day, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated. On the whole, I found the experience to be fairly trouble-free. I did as I was instructed and ended up with less pain than I projected. I was only sore for a little while today so I was able to enjoy the lovely weather and have a fun day with my hubby.

Thanks to everyone for your concern and kind words. Your positive thoughts really helped me through the whole experience. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pulling Teeth

The day I've been dreading is almost here. I found out today that I will be having one of my lower teeth removed on Friday morning. I cannot tell you how nervous I am about this procedure.

My teeth have always been the bain of my existence. From having what my mom refers to as "shark teeth" growing up, to experiencing two cracked teeth, having two crowns put in as well as several issues with my gums, I'd say that I've had more problems with my teeth than a normal person should. So when I was told I'd need to have a tooth removed in order for my second set of braces to really work, I wasn't surprised.

I've been taking it in stride, not really letting the idea of having my dentist yank my tooth out affect me. That is, of course, until today. I am terrified! Knowing my dentist will be using a large, steel needle to inject not-strong-enough medication into my jaw truly frightens me.

And not only am I fearful of the procedure itself, but I'm also quite nervous about what I'll be experiencing after. I'm not a fan of pain (that's right, I'm a big wuss) so I'm not excited for tomorrow afternoon (around the time the numbness will be wearing off). Plus (and I know this will sound somewhat vain) I'm concerned about what I'll look like after...

I know eventually the teeth around that one will fill the gap and it will look great in a few months. However, in the interim, I'm worried I'll look odd, like a toothless hillbilly. :(

Oh, well. Whether I'm scared or not, it's going to happen on Friday. Wish me luck, all!!! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Partying for a Purpose

This past weekend Chris and I joined some of our friends for a day of drinking. I know, I know...sounds a bit immature but it was a fundraiser supporting Alzheimer's research. Basically we were drinking for a good cause. Aren't we caring, selfless people? I knew you would agree. ;)

We began our pub crawl at noon on Saturday and had a good ol' time until around 4 PM. At that time we decided to head out for and grab something to eat. We soon realized Chris may have had just a little too much fun.
Chris and Adam getting down

Photo of "Team Awesome" and "Team Awesomer" at Sugar Shack from Chris' couch spot

Photo taken by the event people. Glad they caught me doing what I do best...sitting. ;)

Chris really liked dancing on that couch...

We attempted to eat at Taverna, but came to the conclusion Chris just needed to be put to bed. We took our food to go and headed home. Chris passed out and I spent the rest of the night watching the Olympics (which is something I had NO problem with).

Overall, a fun time, but I think we need more practice before we try that again... ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Wanted to wish my little cousin a happy, happy birthday! Hope you're having a fantastic day and have a wonderful 24th year, Allison!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hearts and Hoops

A few people have asked me, what did you two do on Valentine's Day? Well, we did a few things, actually. Chris and I woke up earlier than usual so we picked up breakfast and Starbucks and enjoyed our morning together. We had a lazy Sunday for a bit then went out to run a couple of errands. Then it was off to the major event of the day...the NBA All-Star Game!

Thankfully, we were smart enough to get there early because it was a madhouse! We parked at around 5:15 PM and didn't get into Cowboys Stadium until 6:45 PM. From walking to the correct gate, waiting in line, and finally getting through security, we were outside for quite some time in the cold, cold weather. Not fun.

However, once we got into the building, it was smooth sailing. We grabbed our Nathan's hot dogs and headed to our seats.

We really enjoyed watching the All-Stars play, listening to and witnessing the entertaining performances of Usher, Shakira and Alisha Keys and getting to be a part of the largest crowd in history for a basketball game, which will be put into the next edition of the Guiness Book of World Records!

Chris and I didn't have the most conventional Valentine's Day, but it was still full of fun and love. Hope all of you had a great one, too!!! :)

Various photos of the game

Various photos of the entertainment

We were part of history :)

Proof we were actually there ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feel Better, Ryan!

Our friend, Ryan, took a nasty fall late last week. She slipped and hit her head, lower back and elbow, leaving her in quite a bit of pain and covered in bruises. We just wanted to wish her well recovering from her injuries!

Ryan, we hope you feel better soon! Until then, stay medicated, get your rest and work as little as possible. ;) Love ya!

UPDATE: Ryan had to go to the ER yesterday because she felt her symptoms were getting increasingly worse. She was told she had experienced a concussion and will be feeling "off" for days, weeks, and possibly months. There is no known treatment for a concussion other than time and rest. Please send Ryan your positive thoughts as she is in a lot of pain at the moment. Thanks! -2/22/10

Saturday, February 13, 2010

They're Back!

The Olympics, that is! :) Some of you may not be aware, but I am obsessed with the Olympic Games. Whether it's the summer or winter games, it doesn't matter to me- I love 'em!

The athletes who participate in the Olympics always inspire me- their devotion and relentless pursuit of their dreams leave me in awe. To watch the world's elite athletes compete against one another is truly amazing. Even the more obscure sports that I know nothing about somehow grab my attention. Just knowing the time, effort and commitment these people put into something they have a passion for is enough to keep me enthralled.

Apollo Ohno just stated that, before he goes to bed each night, he asks himself one question, did I do everything I could today to be the best? At that moment, when I heard that sound bite, I paused and asked myself the same. I don't think, looking back on my entire life, I could ever honestly say yes to such a question. Ohno, too, said it's difficult, if you're being upfront with yourself, to indeed answer with a positive response- his reply is you can almost always do more.

It is that very pursuit of perfection that makes me admire these athletes; those who consistently go out and work their hardest, try their best, give it their all. I applaud these athletes for not looking at life from a practical standpoint, but to live it on their terms, come what may. To take a chance, knowing all odds are against you, and still strive, everyday, to achieve a goal very few can accomplish is mind-blowing to me.

The courage and conviction these people have motivate me to be a better person. I think that is what makes the Olympics so fascinating and uplifting. Aside from the great shows the athletes put on while attempting to capture a gold medal (or any other color, for that matter), it's the stories, the fearlessness, the heart these Olympians have that draw me to the games. Hope you all tune in! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Dallas?

Okay. I realize it's February and it's supposed to be cold but that doesn't make this morning's weather conditions any less surprising. Below are photos of our street, our house and the drive out of our neighborhood on my way to work- (click on collage to view larger)
Crazy, isn't it?! And it's only going to get better (or worse, depending on your point of view). The snow hasn't stopped since I left this morning, so I'm excited to see how everything looks this evening when I get home!
Stay safe (and warm) out there! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Tooth

Lately (and by lately I mean since the new year began), I've been craving sweets. Now, I'm not saying that I did not indulge in desserts often last year, but so far in 2010 I've been obsessed! It's almost to the point where if I eat anything, I need some sort of sweet to devour after.

It was innocent at first- a cookie after lunch, one piece of my Dove dark chocolate candy when I arrived home from work, an ice cream cone after dinner- but it has begun to get out of control. To illustrate how fixated I've become on dessert, here's a story from a few weeks ago:
I was driving home on a Friday night when the idea popped in my head that a dark chocolate pecan caramel apple would be SO yummy. I somehow convinced myself I didn't need the apple and went home instead. Later that evening, Chris and I decided to pick something up for dinner. After getting our meal, on our way back home, the craving struck me again, but harder. After convincing Chris that my craving for this apple would not subside, we headed to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where I claimed my prize. :)

I've been spoiling myself with other goodies as well. Here are some of the usual suspects:

Sprikles Cupcakes (this is an exact replica of the one Chris got for me on Friday)
 My Dove dark chocolates (although mine have pecan pieces)
Dessert at every place we dine out
(the amazing Pappasito's capirotada)
Drumstick Ice Cream Cones
(I was eating the snack sized ones, but I've found these to be more satisfying) I'm ready for something sweet again...
I'm ready to get a handle on this addiction, but not quite sure when I'll actually follow through. ;) Wish me luck on kicking this habit!

Friday, February 5, 2010

10 Years...

since Chris asked me to be his girlfriend. I know what you're thinking- you guys still celebrate the day you became a couple? To be honest, we sort of do. Not in the, hey we need to do something really special, way, but more of, wow, we've been together __ many years. :)

I still can't believe it when I say it out loud- 10 years. 10 years ago Chris stopped by my dorm to say goodbye as he was leaving for Mexico with his fraternity. Before he left, he stopped and asked me, "Will you be my girlfriend?" How many guys, before going out on a crazy night with his friends, asks someone to be exclusive?! I knew he was a keeper. ;) And that's how it all began- us as a formally labeled couple.

Here are a couple of photos from our first year together:

Chris and I in front of the Alamo (can't you tell?) in the spring of 2000

With Tony the Tiger in the Commons Dining Hall (the very same dining hall where Chris first saw me) at SWT (now known as Texas State) in the Spring of 2000

And here we are in 2010. So much is different, yet many things have remained the same. We are still those silly kids trying to figure out life as we go along. I'm the same quirky, outspoken, spunky gal I was when we met and he's still the sweet, funny, outgoing guy I fell in love with.

So after 10 full years, I'm couldn't be happier to still have my "boyfriend" by my side. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Pet's Peeve

So last night was pretty scary for our little family. The evening started off great with dinner and flowers provided by my wonderful hubby. After that...not so much. Chris noticed an open sore on Shamrock's booty, so we whisked him to the emergency vet.

Thankfully it wasn't serious. Shammy had an infected "impacted anal gland." The vet "expressed" his gland, but accidently ruptured his other, so the poor thing was bleeding. :( The vet said he will be spotting for the next two days and will have some leakage in that area for a few days after that. We stopped by Wal-Mart (since it was the only store open when we finally left the vet) but they didn't have anything we could use to cover his wound. So...we made something for our little man to wear until we could go to Petsmart to get him doggy diapers. Here are two photos of our son with his custom-made cover-up:

Someone did NOT like having his photo taken in this state...
So he hung his head down in shame :(

My poor baby clearly hated wearing this getup. In case you were wondering, we flipped the cone downward so he could eat and didn't think we needed to flip it back up since he had on his puppy pad. ;)

After leak proofing a portion of our bedroom by using our red blankets instead of our usual white, using old comforters, sheets and towels to cover the floor, blocking off the rest of the bedroom and covering Shamrock's bed with a towel, we were finally ready to go to bed. It was a long, nerve-wracking night, but nowhere near as bad as it could have been. Whew!

Tonight Shamrock seems to be his usual self, showing no signs of discomfort. He is jumping, running and playing like he does on any normal day and doesn't seem to mind his diaper too much (not yet anyway...). Now we're just keeping a close eye on him, hoping his wound heals nicely without further infection or complications. Will keep you posted on his status!