Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Past Weekend Activities...

So, I'm not doing very well with this whole blog thing so far, I guess. Chris and I have done lots of things over the past few weeks, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to update everyone. :)

Saturday, March 14th:

Chris, myself and our friends went to the annual Dallas St. Patrick's Day Parade on Greenville Avenue. Before the parade begins, The Dallas Food Bank hosts a 5k run and Chris and our friend, Kyle, both participated. Once their run ended, I picked them up, they changed and we headed back to Greenville to get a good spot for the parade.

We set up a table so everyone could begin playing the drinking game, Flip Cup, and managed to get a decent view of the parade. This was the first time I was able to watch the floats go by and they were pretty impressive! I was suprised how many organizations participated especially considering the weather. I haven't mentioned this, but it's a very important point- it was SO cold that day! I was shivering pretty much the entire time and could barely feel my hands. As much fun as it was to see everything and people-watch, I honestly couldn't wait to get to a warm place.

Overall, though, we had a great time! After the parade, we ate lunch and headed to Kyle's house to continue the party. We spent the entire day just hanging out with our friends and enjoying their company. Can't wait to do it all again next year...but with nicer weather. ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Photo Shoot...as the Photographer! :)

So my wonderful husband purchased a FANTASTIC camera for me as my Christmas/birthday gift last year and I'm finally testing my skills.

I mentioned to my friends and co-workers that I would be happy to snap some shots for them if they ever needed any. Lucky for me, Matt (both my friend AND co-worker) and his wife, Ginny, decided to give me a shot and asked for me to photograph their super-cute daughter, Matelyn!

Chris and I joined Matt, Ginny and Mattie at the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday, March 21st. I was SO nervous because I had never photographed anyone before. And, like any photo, I wanted to make sure to capture this time in Mattie's life as best as I could.

My fears were instantly erased when Mattie began to smile. This girl is a natural model!!! I couldn't have asked for a better first shoot, honestly. Matelyn was so smiley and happy, she made my job a piece of cake! I'm so thankful that Matt and Ginny trusted me enough to capture their daughter's six (although, by the time the weather was nice enough to take pictures it ended up being her seven) month photos! Chris (the assistant TO THE photographer) and I had a great time and can't wait to take more pictures of Mattie in the future. :)

Below are a few of my favorites:

You can see more of my shots from this shoot at my photo webpage- http://jocelyn-rubio.smugmug.com/

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Blog!

Hi, all! Well, I've finally taken the plunge and created a blog! I thought this would be a nice tool to keep everyone updated on what Chris, Shamrock and I are doing. I hope you all find it informative and hopefully somewhat entertaining. I'd love to hear your feedback as well, so don't be shy- leave us comments! :)

I'm hoping to update at least once a week so check back often to find out the latest! Thanks for reading!