Sunday, March 4, 2012

Operation Renovation- 2012

So this past week was a first for us- our first home renovation! We painted a few rooms and added wallpaper last year, but we haven't made any major changes (like cutting into walls!) since we purchased our home. Like most people who buy a house they didn't design, we have had a few things we wanted to improve since we moved in. One of the first places we wanted to make a change was in our master bathroom. Here is what it looked like Wednesday morning:
As you can see, we had quite a few items sitting on the vanity simply because it was the only storage available in the room. We have another cabinet, but it's filled with towels and is not the most convenient place to house toothbrushes and face products…since it's over the toilet. ;) Chris and I decided medicine cabinets would be the perfect solution to this issue. Here's a photo of our bathroom one more time, but without anything in it-
So Wednesday morning at 9:30 AM, the work began. Chris was able to work from home so he could supervise and document the progress. Here are a couple of shots of the work being done-
Cutting into the wall for the medicine cabinets
Prepping for the new ceiling light
We also had work done in the upstairs guest bathroom and added a few outlets throughout the house as well. Here is a before shot of the guest bathroom before and while it was worked on-

The work continued into Thursday and Chris was able to continue to work from home. Unfortunately, the work was not completed as planned and spilled into Friday. Thankfully Christopher's sis, our brother-in-law and nephew were able to monitor the work for us since we couldn't stay home ourselves. I have to say, even though the project went fairly smoothly, the whole process was still stressful. I am SO glad the job is done and happy to report the outcome was (almost) exactly how we envisioned. Here are the end results-

Master bath
Guest Bath
I say the outcome was almost exactly as envisioned because we discovered we need a double sconce in the master instead of the single in between the medicine cabinets and we will need a little more work on the upstairs bath wall texture in a couple of spots. Nothing major, though, so overall we are very pleased with the results. We are relieved our first contractor experience was not a poor one and are better prepared for the next time…because there will be a next time. ;)