Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Direction v. 2.0

Hope that's right, anyway. So, obviously, updating people on our lives isn't really working for this blog. ;) As much as I really, really wanted to share our weekly events, I'm horrible at uploading photos in a timely manner. And when I do have them ready to post, I feel like too much time has passed and it's no longer relevant. 

Therefore, I've decided to actually follow-through with what I had planned on doing last year, which is to just write when the mood strikes. And not just about our lives, but about anything I feel like discussing. I will still share information pertinent to us and our little family, but I want to be able to just write about whatever strikes my fancy. Hardly anyone reads our little blog anyway, so it will be like what others use their Twitter and Facebook accounts for...except I can elaborate with more characters if I so choose. ;)

So a quarter of 2013 has almost passed. Let's see what the next three quarters will hold for this gal, her guy, their Yorkie and this blog. :)

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  1. Dearest Jocelyn,
    I know this is coming a little too late (more like a year and a half) but I have enjoyed reading your blog as and when I am not blogging about my life or writing my various serials. Like you I occasionally blog. I know that fb and twitter have taken the world by storm but I do hope that you would take some time to share your stories again!!