Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ciao, Capri

So Chris and I took a ferry to the cute island of Capri. As soon as we arrived, we bought a ticket to tour the island and see the Blue Grotto.

The island is surrounded by beautiful, clear, greenish-blue water. The island itself is very chic. The lower part maybe not so much, but on the top, I was reminded of Rodeo Drive. Shops with photos of Jackie O., designer stores and jaw-dropping views, it was a great side trip.

Our favorite experience on the island had to be the Blue Grotto. From our island tour boat, we had to hop on a small rowboat and lay down in the boat to enter the grotto. Once our eyes adjusted it was unbelievable.

The water was a gorgeous royal blue hue. It was incredible. Chris and I were amazed that this entire sight was created solely by the sunlight and how it reflects within the cave.

So a short, but really fun day in Capri. A place I would not mind seeing again someday...
Chris and I in front of the opening to the Grotto

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